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Your Favorite Monsters podcast

Feb 13, 2018

There's a creeping madness in the air, one that Your Favorite Monster know all too well.  On the docket tonight, everyone's problematic fav, HP Lovecraft paints the walls of Crystal Cove with his particular brand of splendiferous charnel, and really just stinking up the joint.

As promised, here is listed timestamps for the discussion.  Check out the tumblr if they aren't coming through in the feed!  (42:00 will skip to the end)

 6:20 - HP Hatecraft IS Jeffery Combs 
 9:30 - other adaptations that aren't super on the radar
11:15 - the Lovecraft discourse...BEGINS
11:40 - the highly inaccurate, pithy, and brief history of pulp (in which betsy talks broadly about a lot of significant and insignificant dates in the same breath)
18:40 - why exactly it's so rough to talk about Lovecraft - one beginners guide
21:00 - in which betsy and blake are embarrassed in how stupid they were (are)(lets be real)
27:05 - side story (not Lovecraft related!  a breather!)
30:30 -Lovecraft influences / the mythos (including a good riff on Stephen king)
34:00 - Betsy gets fiesty on creativity
35:50 - there's the rub - the real issue with Lovecraft in the modern day
42:00 - HERE!  Here is where you start if you want to skip the Lovecraft Discourse!